“Indovation” designates the unique process by which innovations are developed in India to serve a large number of people affordably and sustainably in response to conditions of scarcity and diversity. What makes “Indovation” unique, however, is not just its geographic identity, but that scale and scope are inherent components of the concept. The point is to create more at less cost for more people.

We at GTF, after having done extensive research and market study, have fortified our decision to reconfigure our strategy for developing high-quality engineering technology for low-cost emerging markets including China and other nations. We wish to change the rules of the game. And we shall “Indovate” to do so.

One of the main stays of our decision to “Indovate” is the cost advantage of engineering and designing products in India, where engineering skills are much cheaper than in Germany or USA. Additional cost reductions are achieved by avoiding hefty import duties and shipping fees, and stripping out expensive materials and features. This makes a world class product with Indian Costing, can’t be more lethal ever.

With the advent of Economic crisis since 2008, Indians are reverting to their original predilections of Frugal engineering of high tech requirements to find economical solutions. We at GTF feel that this game changing strategy will reap great results for all times to come.

To explain “Indovation” in a phrase, we call it Reverse Engineering. Reverse Engineering always translates into a way to reach the bottom of the pyramid of market requirements in bulk.

We at GTF say – The age of “Indovation” has dawned.

Join our award-winning team, and enjoy a creative, dynamic and inclusive culture focused on one goal – improving the world around us through imagination and innovation.