In Harmony with Society

Shareholders, Investors and Society

Pioneer regularly conducts briefings on its financial results for the benefit of investors and stakeholders. Every effort is made to disclose accurate information in a timely and appropriate manner.

With the goal of improving its overall corporate conduct. GTF addresses the wide range of inquiries it receives from customers and external parties by e-mail. The company’s website features a page for these users to submit their enquiries, opinions, and comments on an anonymous basis.


GTF holds a variety of events and campaigns to provide customers with opportunities to understand our products. Our events held at various destinations, the Company demonstrates the merits of its products and helps customers discover new ways of applying them.


GTF materials procurement division regularly holds business policy meetings for the Benefit of suppliers In addition to explaining the Company’s business plans and fostering deeper understanding, the Company works diligently to gain the cooperation of suppliers in fulfilling a broad spectrum of corporate social responsibilities across the entire supply chain.


GTF conducts a variety of surveys and market research to better understand its customers and markets. This information is reflected in the Company’s business operations and product Development. GIF establishes product development teams comprising staff from planning and creative design, design development. Quality and other departments, who visit product dealers with sales representatives in order to gam a direct understanding of what dealers and customer’s value and hope to see in products.

Local Communities

GTF seeks to engage with local communities as a responsible corporate citizen. Group companies and business sites invite local students and residents to attend environmental presentations and actively participate in local community events.

Join our award-winning team, and enjoy a creative, dynamic and inclusive culture focused on one goal – improving the world around us through imagination and innovation.