Human Chemistry & Human Solutions

GTF always pursues New Solutions with progressive technological innovations. The main purpose of GTF family is to enhance the quality of life through a deep insight into human nature and needs, together with the application of our creative abilities. The term “quality of life” characterizes most of the positive aspects of human life: material well-being, good health and peace of mind; the full variety of joy and satisfaction gained from rewarding work, favorite pursuits and daily human contact; and affection and due respect for all living things. We believe that the ultimate goal by developing creative technologies and by setting and meeting the highest standards of marketing skills and other business strategies. Our aim is to grow and evolve in harmony with the progress of society, thus justifying the trust of our employees, stakeholders, customers and the extended family across supply chain at large. To this end, we strive constantly to raise Human values and place our highest priority on safety and the environment.

We encourage our team members to achieve self-realization by developing and exercising their abilities to the fullest. We nurture a corporate community with a wide variety of abilities and personalities to foster creative innovation.

We support our people in all their efforts to improve their own quality of life by providing many chances to experience challenging and rewarding work and the joys of achievement.

Amongst our many management resources (like well-trained personnel, capital, facilities, technologies, information, brand. Ethical culture) our people are the most important. We aim to maximize each individual’s full potential through fair and impartial evaluation and treatment.

To sum up, when people get along exceptionally well, it’s called “good chemistry”. So for GTF, “Human Chemistry” also expresses how much we value the relationships we have with our team members as well as customers. The bonds of trust are priceless.

Join our award-winning team, and enjoy a creative, dynamic and inclusive culture focused on one goal – improving the world around us through imagination and innovation.